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Decorating Compromises is the secret to success…

It’s no secret that all people decorate differently. Men lean towards leather couches, recliners and large-screen televisions - the bigger the better. Women tend to favor collections of knickknacks, patterned couches and accent pillows. The millennials prefer mid-century modern furniture, yet differences always arise and can cause conflicts in the home.

How can you smooth over the clashing tastes while creating a space both people feel comfortable in? It's all about compromise.

What Color Walls?

What about painting those white walls another color? Some men are bold with color where their partner prefers all white or visa-versa. In this situation it is always better to start by finding colors you both can agree on and stick with them or variations thereof. Usually the answer is surprisingly simple: use neutral earth tones like a blue/gray or warm beige; they satisfy the need for color but because they are neutral, they're not upsetting to the other person

Thinking of a remodel?

Our team can help you make interior design choices to help you sell your home for more or just be happier with the home you now own.

Services we offer include:

1) Fence repairs, gates and new fences built.

2) Tile work, bath and kitchen remodels.

3) Light plumbing.

4) Lighting installation.

5) Wood Furniture and cabinet refurbishment.

6) All painting.

7) Landscaping and gardening.

8) Holiday decorating.

9) Decor consulting Professional shopping services..

With excellent workmanship and fair pricing, we can help you reach your visual and comfort goals in your home you already own or get more money for a higher resale value. Call us for a free estimate today.